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Re: Buechner

by Tom K. » Wednesday May 15, 2024

Good Morning Claudette!

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouraging words. You're correct about this site. I've been coming here for 15+ years...I can't start my day any other way. I have learned sooo much on this site. Mason is a genius!

It's nice to know there's another older warrior facing challenges and dealing with them. I use a slogan from my time in the Infantry..."Adapt and Overcome". It's served me in good stead...especially after the paralysis. So, you keep fighting Down Under and I'll do the same Up Above.

G'day to ya,
Tom K.

Re: Buechner

by Mikey » Tuesday May 14, 2024

In Addition, too, might I add, Titus Chapter 3 vs 9, In God's Choosing or free will Choice,if You are His it is of No consequence, It is Foolish and Trivial!

Re: Buechner

by Mikey » Tuesday May 14, 2024

It is quite simple, back on a Wednesday 1976 around 4pm I came home from work to an empty home, my wife and Our boys were out and about. One truth of my entire life even from a child through my teen years and early adulthood I always had a sense about God and something more of life with something missing in it, just a void and not any serious discerning or great theological searching of God. The one exception at that point in my life was a neighbor had moved in and His family and along the lines of the Brady Bunch, as time went on and they settle in as neighbors came the days on different occasions when the Dad would share Christ and His Faith with me along with an invite to Church the church where my Wife and I were baptized and became God's own. God's timing is perfect in each of Our lives, that Wednesday I described at 4pm was the day I knelt beside my bed and whether it was My free will choice or whether God chose me at that precise moment in time I do not know, what I do know is at 75 years old and so many years later from that Salvation Day at 4pm I became His in this very day I'm living and for Eternity to come. Free Will or His choosing is as Mason wrote, its TRIVIAL. I'm glad You did not delete it Mason...its TRUTH.


by Claudy » Monday May 13, 2024

G'Day Mason!
I was mesmerised by Buechner's comment! I had to read it a couple of times before its meaning sank in! Then I sat here in awe . . .just a few words, but wth enormous depth!
Thank you for YOUR enlightening thoughts! You filled in all the ?? marks! - forget about Plato!! :)

This site is one of constant learning and soul evolution - so once again THANK YOU Mason!
May the Lord always keep you safe and well, and may you always walk in Crisis's light.

You are not alone Tom, not when you are on THIS site! My prayers of well being are winging their way to you! I am a little old lady now, and consider getting old to be a privilege!! In my head, I am in my forties and invincible . . .but my body is 180! I am wobbly and need the help of a walking stick (I call it my weapon of mass destruction!) - nothing wrong with my thinking or my mouth - my eyesight is getting iffy, I look a bit like Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass!!
BUT, my faith in Christ keeps growing, with the amazing help of this amazing Mason and this lovely site!

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in Christ who pray on this site with me!

Claudette from Down Under