DP Anniversary

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DP Anniversary

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Good Morning, Mason,
I'm not exactly sure when I started coming here,, but it had to have been around the beginning. I know I was coming here before I moved back north for a while in '10. I don't really remember if there was art and music...I never paid attention to them. I know I was searching for more than just the regular "thought for the day" type site. I needed something that would really delve into the Word and explain it to me with more than just the basic platitudes.

I got that, and much more, with Daily Prayer. I got history, the mores of the day, how the Bible came to be in the form we know it today...the Commentary was intense. Mason, you even got me to learn a little about art. Again, not sure when I actually began here, but it has been a fantastic ride. Where you find the drive for this is beyond me, but you're truly an inspiration. Hopefully, we can eventually get the site back to normal. But however this plays out, I want to thank you so much for all you've done for me, all you've taught me and the thirst I have for more.

Tom Kraft