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G'Day Mason!!
YOUR words about David in today's Notes : " He was a forgiven sinner trying to make his way in difficult and confusing circumstances" . . .is IT in a nutshell!.
I too am a very humble person, but think it would be safe to say, I too am in that same boat, trying to make my way in difficult times and praying for Christ's forgiveness for my sins!!'

Thank you for alerting us about the possibility of being blocked and how to overcome the situation. I cannot belIEVE how much evil attacks this lovely Christian site!
As things get worse in the world, I believe that we are in for much more negativity . . .so we stay strong and PRAY together! PRAYER is our greatest and most powerful weapon!

I have TRULY enjoyed the lessons you teach so well Mason, and am waiting with bated breath to learn MORE!
THANK YOU! May the blessings of our Lord Jesus be yours always. And may He also bess all those who pray together on this site.