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Apologies . . .I forgot to sign my name after the comment I made about forgiveness!

I think my brain is a bit addled with all the terrible weather events we're having here! BUT, like the good Boy Scouts and Girl Guides . . .WE ARE PREPARED! We've all got our 'floaties' on and like a mob of hysterical ducks, are paddling madly in the raging waters - heads above water! Methinks our Lord is NOT happy with us.
My He have Mercy on us all.

Claudette from Down Under

Re: forgiveness

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Ever since I read Claudette’s comments a few days ago, I have been thinking about God not being happy with us. I read another source this morning that put into words better than I could.
“the nature of God is hallowed, everything that is projected by that Cause must be hallowed or perfect too. God cannot cause or send anything but perfect good. God cannot, as people sometimes think, send sickness or trouble, or accidents—much less death—for these things are unlike His nature.”
I have wrestled with this over and over for many years. I think that God allows the world to be. I think He allows the consequences of our actions. But I don’t think He is sitting on His throne waiting to smite us for doing human (or in-human) things. He is LOVE. He knows exactly what is going to happen. He sees yesterday, today and tomorrow all at once.
That being said,I cannot explain when bad things happen to babies or good people. I guess that’s a question I will have to save for when I sit at His feet in heaven.
Thank you Mason.
Thank you for your comments, Claudette. How is your husband?
Bless you all! Keep prayin’.
Neil M +++
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