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Various Thoughts

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. . . . oh, yes, I did sing along with the iconic Doris Akers this morning who I never would have known but from you many moons ago. It’s always nice to have her serenade us with a classic inspirational lyric, strong presence, and affirmation of faith when we need it most.

Christian testimonials give us encouragement and come in all forms. Toby Keith’s fight with stomach cancer has left us with his thoughts (on a number of YouTube videos) about him being "at peace with the Lord and leaving things in God’s hands". Not many performers these days have that kind of an “exit” and may he RIP in his new mansion 😇. Another YouTube testimonial video I view occasionally is the Kris Kristofferson one he gave on the former Ralph Emory program setting where he’d have C&W stars often relate what inspired them to write/perform one of their biggest hits. Kris’s story starts with an invitation to attend a Sunday morning church service with others who performed a charity concert the night before that resulted in him being inspired to pen “Why Me Lord”. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video, after he tells his story, he then performs the song accompanied by Willie, Janie Frickie, and the late B J Thomas. You’ve given us a few of these stories in the past that really enhance the message to us Daily Prayer church members and wonder if you could do more.

"Come Thou Fount” is one of my favorite hymns as these lyrics produce more than a few tears when hearing them sung:

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here's my heart, O take and seal it;
Seal it for Thy courts above.

The BYU choir/orchestra (now out in a hi-fi def version) is an outstanding rendition and very close to the MTC one. At the opposite side of the musical spectrum is Buddy Green’s VEVO performance on YouTube.

The message of John, with his wonderful writing style, makes him the maestro leading the symphony orchestra’s NT composition. It’s no wonder why the Lord chose him to write the Book of Revelation instead of Paul. 😜

And a final thought of wishing you success in completing the Cloudfare/hacker and site stabilization issues. Kudos Mason, for your unselfish efforts helping DP church members continuously grow in our faith, love and understanding of God’s word.

Blessings to you and la famalia.

Bob Diana