Mourning Christ by Peter Paul Rubens

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Mourning Christ by Peter Paul Rubens

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The Lamentation over the Dead Christ
After studying the image you title “Mourning Christ by Peter Paul Rubens”, I believe the person holding Christ’s head with finger touching his eyes is His mother Mary. In the original painting, her darkened clothing is part of a shadow, perhaps the shadow of death, reflecting the heavy pain she felt. A similar painting by Rubens, c.a. 1614-1615 at the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna, shows the mother of Jesus dressed in dark clothing touching the eye of Jesus in the same manner as in this painting.
I’m convinced the people left to right are Mary Magdelene, Mary the mother of Jesus, John the Apostle, Mary and Martha sisters of Lazarus. Most paintings I found of the mourning of Christ have these five people included.
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Re: Mourning Christ by Peter Paul Rubens

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I've just looked at a few similar Rubens and I'm sure you are correct about John. Rubens did a number of paintings of scenes around the cross, and John is always depicted in red and clean-shaven. Mary and Martha are doubtful. Mary Cleopas is mentioned in John's gospel.
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