Lenten messages

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Lenten messages

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Your messages leading up to Easter Sunday were both simple and profound. And today’s message (April 7) brings it home once again. I have been a born again Christian for 52 years and because of those consistent messages, I only finally realized NOTHING I could ever do would make me worthy to God. But as you and the Word said, that’s the folly of our thinking. We were only saved because God sent His Son to die for us. Jesus stood in our place so that God only sees us as redeemed and therefore worthy. Understanding that over the last week or so has made me understand Gods deep and great love for us and also made me love him even more. Thanks for bringing that strong message over the past few days.

Tom K.

Re: Lenten messages

Post by Tom K. »

Good morning, Pete!

That was a great post...succinct and to the point. You're right, Mason is both simple and profound in his Notes on the Scriptures. That's why I've been a devoted follower for many, many years.

Peace to you, good sir,
Tom K.
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