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G'Day Mason! Today's music touched my heart. I have heard and seen Elvis perform this very piece with his daughter . . .both of them wth our Creator now, may they both Rest In Peace

Your comment re Brotherhood which transcends is exactly why I am on this lovely site! You lot out there in Ether Land are my family, the ones who prayed for my husband when he was so very ill. THANK YOU AGAIN! It is exactly one whole year since his stroke! The Lord has heard our prayers! My husband is still with me! His speech is slurred, his movements very slow, but he still feeds the mobs of demanding birds who come to visit, helps with the dishes, does his crossword puzzles and we pray together a lot. I download and print prayers from this site and get him to read them out loud so that allows him to exercise his speech while praying! We both LOVE that!

Take care, stay well one and all, and many blessings !

Claudette from Down Under

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Jenny, I am so glad to know you! Thank you for your comments on daily prayer - they are, without exception, enlightening and even before I see your name at the end, I can tell it’s you..I give thanks for your husband’s healing and your spirit filled offerings..

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I totally agree with Stephanie in regards to Jenny's daily devotions, they are captivating from the very beginning to the end! Thank you Jenny and GOD BLESS YOU!
Tom K.

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Good Morning Claudette,

Actually, it's probably evening for you but, nonetheless, greetings to you. I was touched by your post, especially as concerns your husband. I've been a quadriplegic for 20+ years now. Very high functioning until about 4 years ago. I got superb rehab and worked hard to get back to a somewhat normal life...all praise be to God. I say this because I've been mistaken many times for a stroke left side is so much worse than my right. So, just never give up. Over time, he will find different ways to do the tasks he did before. The Good Lord made our minds and bodies very versatile entities. For spinal cord injuries, they told me I would have 18 mos. to 2 years of healing, so I made the most of my rehab...hit it hard right from the start. Not sure what the prognosis is for stroke victims but hit it hard right from the start and never stop. He'll be surprised at how independent he can be.

I was rather confused about Stephanie's reply to you. She called you "Jenny" and said your Daily Inspiration was uplifting. Do you use "Jenny" as an alter ego for writing that column? Just curious.

Any way, best of luck to you and your hubby...I'll keep you in my prayers

Tom K.
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