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Rest in Perfect Peace Janelle! Safe now in the loving hands of Our Lord! And may Jesus give her family and loved ones the grace of acceptance.

Thank you for your comment Neil! I didn't mean to imply that what is happening in the world is a punishment, rather, a warning. Out of profoundest respect and awe, I find it very difficult to write the three letter word we use for His name, so I call Him The Creator of All. His breathed out words to His prophets, collected in our Bible, tell us that when we see or hear rumours of wars and disasters around the world, not to be afraid, but to be prepared for Christ's return. His love for us is beyond measure, everything He does for us, is done with love . . .in return, we have removed Him from our schools, our public places, our Court Houses, our Hospitals! We have created a society where 'anything goes' is the norm, because, as per Mason's comment, we think we are smarter than Him! Now THAT, I find truly scary!

I have sat with sick and dying people since I was a very young teenager and heard the most extraordinary stories from those (on different continents and different countries) who had near death experiences! They ALL (ALL of them Christians) tell the SAME story : of encountering and being enveloped by the most overwhelming sense of PEACE and PUREST LOVE, before they were told to go back because it was not their time just then. (NONE of them wanted to come back!!)
So I hear the rumours of wars and diseases and disasters, but I am not afraid, because I KNOW what the Bible tells us is TRUE! There is a very precise reason for all that the Lord does! OUR business, as Mason again says, is to BELIEVE in Christ. Theologians and other MUCH smarter than moi, sit around discussing all manner of intricate thoughts . . .for me, it is about FAITH!! NO complications . . .JUST FAITH! I BELIEVE!
The Creator of All fills our lives with unbelievable miracles every day of our lives!
Thanks for asking!! My beloved husband is doing as well as can be expected after such a massive stroke. His speech is very slurred, he is very slow, but, he is still WITH ME! A BIG THANK YOU to all those who prayed for him!
People often ask me "how come you're always smiling?" - to which I invariably reply "I have Christ in my life and He put me in Australia, what MORE do I need?"

ANNNND, I have found this wonderful site, where I get to pray with untold numbers of total strangers with whom I feel closely connected by prayer! MY Christian family, thanks to Mason!

Many blessings to you all. Stay well and safe in Christ's name I pray.

Claudette from Down Under