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I did not come to judge the world; letting go

Posted: Friday May 10, 2024
by PeterFagot
A very strong message today and it perfectly sums up our mission. I say Amen to what you wrote, especially these words:

'Christ's role on earth was, rather than condemning us for falling short, to forgive us. Thus, for us to condemn others for their “un-Christian” conduct is nonsensical. Christ’s emphasis was not to create a new moral code; his lesson was for us to love him and believe in him, to love our fellow man, and to forgive as we have been forgiven.' It is obvious also that Christ's ministry was of forgiveness, love and compassion. I know we all strive to be like Him, though a tall order it is. But I will never stop trying :).

Today's daily inspiration was also very touching. I am confident we have all been where Jenny was and even at my advanced age, my family and I are coming thru a very difficult time. But thru the help of the Daily Prayer, and overcoming my many years of taking back from God what I ask Him to help me with, I am at peace as I have learned to let go. And shocker, God has given me peace and already forging the path to get us through the challenge. It is true when it is said, He never leaves our side. And thank God for that!!!